About Longevity

Throughout the world, populations are ageing. We are all affected by this phenomenon, yet, despite decades of foresight, governments seem to have been unprepared for the consequences.

In New Zealand for example, the median age (half above the age/half below the age) in the year 1975, was 25. Today it is approaching 40 and rising! 

The “over 50s” is an increasing population demographic and no longer a “boomer bubble” which has until now been the default description for the increase in birth rates between 1946 and 1964. An ageing trend will be with us for many years ahead, so long as birth rates remain low and all lifespans increase.

Longevity International believes that older people deserve to live more meaningful lives and we are dedicated to searching out and sharing knowledge that can help everyone achieve this goal. 

The founders of Longevity International are five Kiwis of similar ages (between 60 and 75) who can see the challenges and benefits of this population trend. 

They decided to launch an organisation which represented the over 50’s across all areas of life and provides useful knowledge that can prolong life and increase happiness.

This website explains more about our organisation, how it intends to serve the over 50’s and how you can enjoy participating. 

Join us on this fascinating, once in a lifetime journey as we pursue a longer, happier and healthier life.

Our Mission:


For us it means a longer, happier life full of vibrant activities, connections and ideas.

What does it mean for you?

Join us to help change lives and attitudes!

Meet the Longevity Team

Kevin Smith

Kevin is a citizen of Brazil and New Zealand. His decades of experience in the South American continent, in CEO and Managing Director positions, ranges across agricultural equipment, electronics and firefighting equipment exporting to World markets

Gordon Legge

Gordon started his working life in the 1970’s in the days of black and white Television “Smelling the money,” he started his own ad agency, later selling that and returning to TV, producing sports programmes for sponsors.

Tony Edmonds

Apart from a couple of public relations contracts, Tony took an extended break from communications in 2010. Most recently he was working in a family construction business until accepting new client work in March 2018.

Nikki Wylder

Nikki joined the Longevity team in 2019 and  really loves her role and working with the three Longevity directors. She particularly enjoys being the “youngest” of the team! Nikki’s background is predominately in sales and marketing. In 2008, she decided to leave Auckland and the corporate world and pursue a lifelong dream of owning some land. Now firmly ensconced in her lifestyle block in Northland which she shares with numerous canines and other critters, Nikki works entirely from home. She considers herself to be truly blessed.

Longevity International's Beginnings

The idea of establishing Longevity International emerged out of South America. Not exactly the jungles, but the mega-city of Sao Paulo in Brazil.  The city held an inaugural “Longevity Expo” in 2019.

Two of Longevity International’s New Zealand directors attended that successful Expo and on seeing evidence – as well as the exact same population trends in New Zealand – established the New Zealand organisation.c

In fact, the seeds for a World-wide movement have now been sown with New Zealand at the forefront. Kiwis have a successful history in the pioneering new ideas; women’s suffrage, splitting the atom, conquering Everest. Ah! Now we’re just showing off!

So Please join the Longevity movement by signing up to our newsletter, “The Long View” and play a part in helping all over 50’s people in your country, live longer, happier, healthier lives.

The Right Mindset

The members of our Team don’t reminisce too much – we prefer to think about the future, although we call on the past just to extract hard-won knowledge for today’s challenges. We understand the trends of change taking place in human societies and observe the changes like anybody else; with fascination, excitement, doubt and very often the big question; “Will this trend improve or inhibit the well-being of older people? The answers are seldom very simple, but we pursue them nevertheless.

There are now more than 1.5 million Kiwis aged 50 and over/ There will be 2 million by the year 2030

In 30 years, from 2016, our over 65 population will roughly double- from 720,000 to 1.4 million

Our ageing population is not a bulge. It is the NEW NORMAL

Learn how to live a long and happy life..

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