Our Mission

Longevity: What does this mean for you? 

We’d like it to mean a longer, happier life full of vibrant activities, connections and ideas. But perhaps the reality is a bit different 

We want to explore pathways to change

To bring hope

To ignite enthusiasm

To inspire

Join us to help change society for the better

We will present ideas, attitudes and action steps towards Longevity

Business history

Age, time and experience create an incomparable asset of skills. Longevity International is comprised of professionals who apply their combined wisdom, accumulated from wide ranging experiences over many years, to offer products, services and benefits to New Zealand residents over fifty years of age.

The Company’s Beginning

The directors have all worked together in various combinations in the past. And the longer we’ve known each other the more we’ve realised what we can offer as a group. The decision to create this company evolved over several months when we realised that as people in this country age, their options reduce and many start to feel non-productive, unhappy and sadly even unwanted. We decided that we could offer a new perspective: hope, joy, well-being, employment opportunities and even longevity. 

The Right Mindset

Our experienced professionals don’t reminisce too much – we prefer to think about the future, although we call on the past just to extract hard-won knowledge for today’s challenges. We understand the trends of change taking place in human societies and observe the changes like anybody else; with fascination, excitement, doubt and very often the big question; “Will this trend improve or inhibit the well-being of older people? The answers are seldom very simple. 

We have been at the heart of what drove the social, economic, business and communications revolutions of the past four decades. Like surfers, having caught and capitalised on these waves when they were first curling, we continue to ride the leading edge today. Many traditional jobs are disappearing, and the skills required for the new jobs are quite different to even a decade passed. Our focus is on the opportunities for the over-fifties who are often locked out of jobs (or even interviews) because of ageism. We will turn the tables on this and promote employment for only those who are fifty-plus

Internationally, it is notable how many people in their sixth, seven and eight decades, are the leading commentators, inventors and entrepreneurs in our changing World.

Jeremy Rifkin, Bill Gates, Jordan Peterson, Warren Buffet and many more. 

There is an important mindset in our people. Perhaps we were wired from birth to think more about the present and future, who knows? All to do with a well-conditioned frontal cortex. That’s what we bring to finding solutions to problems that affect our seniors, along with our unmentionable combined years of experience. We have created this Longevity project to meet a challenge where time at the coalface makes a real difference. We know this subject. We are a team of executives with big miles on the clock. We did that “combined years of experience” thing and the total was …well… very high. 

So our combined cerebral power is impressive. Now at work to serve New Zealand

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