Longevity Forum

Ellerslie Showgrounds | October 2-4, 2020

Two days of presentations by experts who will help you enjoy a long, happy and healthy over 50’s life.

Our website and social media sites will keep you updated as our speakers are confirmed between now and October 2020:

Topics that matter to us all


Professions of the future that will suit over the silver generation

Brain health

Tackling brain-related illnesses. How to avoid them in life and medical advances on their way.


How large companies are introducing silver experience into their organisations.


Tips to “re-invent yourself" (within reason) for a happier life in your silver years.

Long life

The FIVE BIG REASONS why people are living longer


Making your home laptop your everyday video and telephone to friends and family- simple steps to get started.

Life tips

Daily tips to improve your chances of living happy and healthy for over 50 more years

Climate Change

Is climate change really so dangerous? A climate scientist explains why some experts like him, are swimming against the rising tide of alarm.

Changing Cities

How our cities and provinces are changing as the Kiwi age demographics change.


Living a healthy and long life AND preserving the environment.

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