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To change the way people think about their future

To change society for the better
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To bring hope

To inspire

To build a pathway to Longevity!

Longevity: A Longer, Happier Life

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Happiness & joy

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We exist to help you live a long, happy, healthy and exciting life

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Longevity International's Origins

Managing director Kevin Smith says above all, over 50s want to stay productive and useful in life.

Not just plan for retirement and a quiet, tidy exit from the world

Some people think we’re drinking wine, but it’s really just cranberry juice.

The directors of Longevity International from left to right: Tony, Gordon and Kevin. They intend to be part of Longevity International for another 50 years!

Meet Silver Friday!

Hello. Longevity International asked me to be their mascot. They like the way I tell it as it is. I’m over 50 which qualifies me for the job. 

I’ll be bringing you many benefits and insights on how to live a longer, happier life.

So welcome and hope you have fun with us on a never-ending adventure.

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Longevity Fair & Forum | April 16-18, 2021

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Many great ideas and products

Renowned speakers on how to achieve a longer and happier life

Longevity Fair & Forum, Brazil

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What can we learn from Sardinia?

Why human life expectancy more than doubled over the last two centuries

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